Looking to level alts in FFXIV?  Here are our tips on accomplishing that.  Generally speaking you will want to be queueing for the highest level dungeon once you've finished your high efficiency queues.  There will be more details below about prioritizing.

Which Queue Should I Use?

If you have a queue bonus available for one of the special leveling queues you should use those.  So how do you prioritize which queue to choose?  The answer to that question comes down to the time you have available.  There are two lenses of efficiency to look at based on your available time: Experience per queue and Experience per minute.  You can see the details of how the various queues shake out below:

Exp per queue: Main Story Quest(MSQ) (43.47% of XP bar on average per queue) > Leveling (29.54%) > Alliance (24.56%) > 50/60/70 Dungeons (13.78%) > Trials (10.1%) > Normal Mode Raids (4.17%)

Exp per minute: Trials (2.32% of XP bar on average per minute) > Leveling (2.2%) > MSQ (1.32%) > Alliance (1.25%) > Normal Raid (1.02%) > 50/60/70 Dungeons (0.87%)

(Source for above data: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/ofng1r/a_quantitative_analysis_of_exp_gains_in_duty/)

So what queue should you use?  It comes down to time.  If you have a lot of time, bias towards the Exp per queue and make sure that while you queue you do the activities listed below in section "What do I do while queueing?".  Alternatively, if you have limited time, bias towards the activities listed as efficient as Exp per minute

If you've used all of your queue bonuses or want a change of pace you can also prioritize the highest level dungeon available to you.

What do I do while queuing?

In no particular order (to be ordered/prioritized later)

  • Fates (70+?)
  • Beast Tribe Quests
  • Hunting Log
  • Daily Hunts

What consumables / gear / etc should I use while leveling?

Some basic advice to make sure you always are gaining as much XP as possible?

  • Ask your FC to turn on the XP buff if possible (10%)
  • Always eat food (3%)
  • Wear bonus XP accessories (will confirm details!)

What about Palace of the Dead / Heaven on High?

In Conclusion

Thanks for reading, this is a bit of a work in progress so check back later for more details.

With thanks to these reddit threads for some data and details (A Quantitative Analysis of EXP Gains in Duty Roulettes, and The guide to leveling your alt jobs 1 to 70 in five days)